Federal Research Center of Virology and Microbiology

National Research Institute for Veterinary Virology and Microbiology of Russia (State Science Institution National Research Institute of Veterinary Virology and Microbiology of Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, abbr.: SSINRRIVV&M of RAAS) is one of the largest scientific production complexes of Russia.

Denis Kolbasov

Director of FRCVM

+7 903 5283045

Doctor of veterenary science, Professor.

The main functions of SSINRRIVV&M are basic and applied researches in the field of natural sciences, development of means and methods of defence against the most dangerous, exotic and zooanthroponose infectious diseases of agricultural animals.

Fundamental scientific work of SSINRRIVV&M is oriented toward receiving new scientific knowledge in different branches of virology, microbiology, radiobiology and toxicology and their use for veterinary needs.

By SSINRRIVV&M monitoring of the situation on the most dangerous diseases on the territory of Russia and evaluation of foreign territories (countries, regions, continents) for possible introduction into Russia of pathological agents of the most dangerous diseases of animals, prognoses of possible epizootic situations are carried out.

Research is focused on epizootic monitoring; development of means and methods of early diagnostics of the most dangerous diseases of animals and genome differentiation of their pathological agents; biotechnology development and introduction of immunoprophylactic and medical preparations of new generation into practice; development of means and methods of radiation disease diagnostics and prophylaxis, development of effective radionuclide sorbents allowing to receive a “pure” production and development of antidotes for toxicologically affected animals.

Besides, by SSINRRIVV&M researches of virus systematics and nomenclature, antiviral immunity, virus and bacteria genetics, influence of radiation and chemical effect on viral and bacterial genomes, hybridoma and monoclonal antibodies, immune enzyme assay are carried out. Collections of microorganism strains and cell cultures are annually replenished.

Postgraduate Education in important branches of Veterinary and Animal Sciences is carried out. The Institute admits students to its Post Graduate Programmes through rigorous screening procedure.

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